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  • MPC6525A is designed for the open-loop motion control system for the laser machine only. It is upgraded from MPC6515. Based on DSP and FPGA technology, the advanced velocity look-ahead and trajectory blending algorithm ensure the velocity invariableness and transition smoothness between any two-trajectory segments during the high speed X-Y continuous trajectory motion. And therefore the perfect smoothness and precision of the machining can be easily achieved.


  • Over 10-year experience in CO2 (analog command) or RF (PWM command) tube compatible laser machine exclusively, open-loop motion control system:


  • ●  Both servo and stepper motor supported
    ● Break-point resume
    ● 2-3 axes linear interpolation and 2-axis circular interpolation
    ● High speed multi-axis continuous contouring
    ● Velocity look-ahead and trajectory blending
    ● Position comparison and trigger output
    ● Laser control is synchronized with laser head motion
    ● Flying-optics compensation
    ● Individual laser power control for dual-head system
    ● Master/slave USB interface
    ● Embedded 128MB memory
    ● Advanced PID algorithm to minimize cutting inaccuracy
    ● All digital inputs and outputs are 2500Vrms isolated 
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